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iPad Screen Repair – 3 Things To Ask Every Repair Centre

Cracked iPad screens are the number one reason for getting an iPad repaired. Due to their size and weight, a drop from any height is unfortunately likely to end with a crack. As the iPad screen is made of glass, any cracks can leave dangerous sharp edges that can cause injury. Over time the cracks will get worse, so we recommend that you cover the affected area with sellotape to protect your fingers and to stop loose glass falling out.

If the iPad has been dropped onto a hard surface, it is quite common for the metal edges of the rear cover to be dented, particularly on the corners. As the metal is aluminium this can dent very easily. The good news is that in most cases, the rear metal cover does not need to be replaced in order to fit a new replacement iPad glass. As the metal is fairly soft, it is relatively easy to straighten out any dents to ensure the new glass fits properly.

The first thing to check is whether you can still see images on the iPad. If there is no distortion and the colours appear normal then the underlying LCD is unlikely to have been affected. For the vast majority of iPad screen repairs, there is no need to replace the underlying LCD.

The actual repair process to replace the iPad glass is quite complicated and involves the careful removal of the damaged glass, the cleaning of the inside of the device and re-application of high strength adhesive to ensure a secure bond.

Many iPad users are unaware of what is involved with an iPad screen repair and that’s why we have listed the following questions that may help you make a more informed decision:

1. Ask About The Quality Of The Glass

This is important because the thicker the glass, the more durable it will be. There are lots of thin imitation iPad screens on the market (particularly Ebay and Amazon). Whilst these may work initially, they are far less durable and more susceptible to crack even during normal handling. These really are a false economy if you are likely to keep your iPad for any extended period of time. In addition, many of the imitation screens do not have an oleophobic coating. This means that fingerprints and dirt are much harder to remove from the glass and can be very difficult to keep clean (especially with children!). Fone Angels only use original thickness glass, complete with an oleophobic coating as standard.

2. Ask About The Adhesive Used

Many repair centre’s don’t use the correct adhesive to attach their screens, and we have seen countless examples of screens coming away (delaminating) from the iPad after only a few days. Fone Angels uses the same high strength adhesive used in the original iPad. In addition, we apply adhesive around the entire screen which creates a complete barrier protecting your iPad from dust and debris from getting inside. All too many times we have seen iPad’s sent to us (that have been repaired by other repair centre’s) with dust marks all over the inside of the screen because the adhesive was not applied correctly.

3. Ask About The Warranty

Whilst iPad repairs are more affordable that buying a new device, it is still an expensive outlay. To give you reassurance, most respectable repair centre’s should offer you a warranty for repairs undertaken. Many offer a 90 Day warranty, but considering the expense of an iPad repair you should really look at 12 months as a minimum. Fone Angels offer a 12 month warranty on all our repairs as standard.

If you have any specific questions about how Fone Angels repair devices or would like some advice, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service team on 0800 334 5442.