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I Cracked My iPad Screen! What Do I Do Now?

Hints & Tips

1. Apply some sellotape over the area that has cracked. This will prevent any sharp pieces of glass from cutting your fingers but should still enable the touchscreen to work. This won’t stop the crack from getting worse but is a temporary fix whilst you find out where to get it repaired.

2. Check if the underlying LCD has been damaged. Usually most cracked screen’s don’t cause problems with the LCD, but if you see straight lines, parts of the screen are blank or if there is any colour distortion, the LCD could be faulty.

3. Connect your iPad with your computer and perform a full back up. Your iPad touchscreen may get worse or cease working entirely making access to your device difficult. Backing up your iPad protects your data, and is particularly useful if you end up sending your iPad to get repaired but don’t want leave your data on the device.

4. Contact Fone Angels and we can arrange collection of your device or we can send out our Free Mail-in Pack. If you have any questions, please call our friendly customer service team on 01923 590 037.