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iPad Repair – Water Damage

an image of an iPad next to a swimming pool

iPads aren’t usually dropped down toilets or in sinks, but it can still happen. If you take your iPad into the bathroom, any slip can result in your tablet being submerged, and less than a second is all it takes to flood the system. We can’t guarantee that your iPad will come back to life, but if there is a chance, make sure you follow the steps below from Fone Angels.

Shut Down

Immediately power down your device once you have retrieved it from the bathtub. This will prevent short circuiting from occurring (if this hasn’t already happened).

Remove All Accessories

To ensure you get all the water out of the device, you need to ‘open the floodgates’. Take off any cases, remove headphones or chargers and sim cards if your device has a slot for this. The more air that can get inside the device, the better for an iPad repair.

Do NOT Charge

Until the iPad is thoroughly dry, avoid the temptation to fire it up. Any water combined with an electrical current will cause the device to short circuit the board and completely stop working.

Air Dry

Leave your iPad for at least 24 hours to air dry without being turned on or charged. Ideally, leave it for a few days to make sure you’ve allowed all water particles to escape. Once it’s completely dry, cross your fingers and try turning it on.

If it still isn’t playing ball, you can try replacing the battery. Fone Angels are able to do this for you if required, and have an experienced team on hand. An iPad repair like this could bring it back to life.

Water damage is notoriously tricky to overcome, so if you’d like some more advice on your iPad repair or if you would like us to take a look at it, please get in touch with us by calling Fone Angels on 0800 334 5442. We hope that we can help!