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12 Month warranty

12 Month Warranty

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Data Protection

Express 24Hr Repair


We are all becoming more and more dependent on our mobile devices. Being separated even for more than a day can be a big deal for some of us!


If you select our Express Service, your device will be repaired and dispatched within 24 hours of being received*.

For the while-u-wait service with a prior appointment, repairs are normally completed in 30-60 minutes for smartphones and 1 hour for tablets.

iPhone Express Repair Service£19.99 £9.99 (Selected models)

iPad Express Repair Service: £19.99 £9.99 (Selected models)


Although the turnaround is fast, we don’t cut any corners with the repair process itself. Your device will still be thoroughly inspected, repaired and tested before returning it to you.



* Exclusions

- This service is not available for Liquid damaged devices or ‘Not Sure’ Diagnostic repairs.

- Not all devices have the express repair option available, please see specific device page for further details

- The service may be delayed if additional repairs are required (and we have to wait for your approval) 

- If you have not provided a valid passcode we will be unable to test your device until this is received and this will delay the repair.