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Cracked iPad Screen? Yes, It Can Be Repaired!

If you have just cracked your iPad screen, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! We have seen thousands of iPad’s that have been dropped, trodden on, sat on, run over, thrown out of a car,  even shot at! We have the expertise to repair your iPad and get it looking as good as new!

Toughened iPad Glass?

Despite being made of toughened glass or ‘Gorilla Glass’, the iPad screen is still susceptible to damage and unfortunately can crack quite easily. Due to it’s size and weight, a drop from any height is likely to result in some cosmetic damage. Depending on how severe the cracks are, it is possible for shards of glass to come away from the iPad. In some cases, you can cut your fingers whilst using the iPad if the glass is not covered. As a temporary measure, we recommend putting a screen protector or sellotape over the area that is cracked. This will stop more glass from falling out and causing further damage. Over time, cracks will get worse so we strongly recommend that you get your device repaired as soon as possible.

Dented Corners/Edges?

Nearly every iPad we receive for repair has damage to the corners (where it was dropped). Many customers ask whether the rear metal case needs to be replaced as well. Luckily as this is made of aluminium it is possible to straighten out these edges to some degree, enabling the glass to fit properly. Whilst the areas that were dented will look a lot better, if you want a 100% cosmetically perfect repair, we can replace the rear cover if required.

Has It Damaged Anything Else?

From small hairline cracks through to completely smashed front screens, we have seen it all. What is surprising is just how durable the iPad is. Much of the damage is merely cosmetic and in around 95% of the cases we receive, the only repair required is a simple front screen replacement. Many customers are concerned they may have damaged the underlying LCD display or other functions on the iPad. At Fone Angels we fully test every component on the iPad to ensure everything is working correctly. If there are any additional faults, our technicians will advise you on what additional repairs are required. Sometimes the actual process of repairing an iPad can disturb a working but weakened component. In these situations our technicians will advise on the best course of action and whether replacement of the part is recommended if it is likely to cause problems in the future.

Will The Replacement iPad Screen Be As Good?

We get asked a lot if the replacement screen will be as good as the original. All our parts are made to the same specification and finish so you won’t notice any difference in terms of how it works, looks or feels. Our screens even have the oloephobic coating which reduces fingerprints and marks from sticking to the screen. For added reasurrance, all our repairs come with a 12 month warranty against defects.

I Want To Get My iPad Repaired! What Next?

Simply go to the repairs section of our website, select your device and the ‘Front Screen’ option. Go through the checkout process and book your repair online. You will then receive an order confirmation and full details on how to get your device to us. If you have any questions, please call our friendly customer service team on 0800 334 5442.