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12 Month warranty

12 Month Warranty

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Data Protection

Why Choose Us?


1. Quality Comes First

We go to great lengths to source the finest quality components for all our repairs. There are many cheap quality parts available on the market that may work for a short time, but they don’t last. We offer a 1 year warranty on all our repairs (excluding liquid damage) because we know that our parts are the highest standard and will stand the test of time. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure optimal performance, reliability and value for money for our customers.


 2. Thorough Checks & Testing

No matter what repair is required, our highly trained technicians perform a full and thorough inspection of every device before and after repair. Many devices are sent in following accidental damage and it is important that the entire device is checked to ensure there is no additional damage or complications that may affect your device. If there are any issues, will let you know straight away. We never proceed with any work without your permission.



3. Always Free Delivery!

We want to give our customers the best value for money. That’s why all our repairs include FREE return delivery as standard. Your device is insured up to £500 for your peace of mind and is fully trackable. We also offer a FREE Mail-in Pack to make things even easier for you to send your device to us.


4. We’ve Seen It All!

We’ve been repairing smart devices for many years and we’ve seen just about every possible type of damage you can imagine. This vast experience  enables us to successfully repair more devices and to a higher standard. Whether it’s a simple or complicated repair, our talented technicians take the greatest care to ensure your device is returned as good as new!



5. The Little Things

Our customers appreciate the little things we do because sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference:

- We let you know by email as soon as your device arrives (so you know it’s arrived safe and sound).

- We give the inside of your device a thorough clean whilst it’s being repaired (you’d be amazed how much dirt gets inside a smart device).

- If your device has dents on the edges/corners (especially on tablets), we’ll straighten these out for you free of charge as part of the service.

- Before returning your device, it is given a final clean and polish so it looks as good as new!
























Fone Angels has many thousands of satisfied customers, as can be seen in our numerous online fone angels reviews. Visit for further details.